Join the Campaign:

  • No New Construction. Preserve our green open spaces for future generations.
  • No Development. Protect our community and its environment.
  • No Change of Use. Safeguard the whole of the land for recreational use.

To support this campaign, one of the first and most helpful things you can do is to sign up as an Association member. It costs you nothing but it adds vital credibility when we speak to planners, politicians and the media.

Adding your voice to the campaign also helps us to challenge any claims made by the developer and its PR machine. Give us your opinions and encourage your neighbours to do the same. We'll be running our own surveys and petitions to ensure that the views of local people are fairly and accurately presented.

There are many ways you can help suport this campaign - from delivering leaflets to lending a hand at events. And, of course, if you have any special skills, experience or useful contacts that you feel could help the campaign, we'd love to hear from you.

Whatever you can do to help, please get in touch.