In the run-up to the 2011 Public Inquiry, in which Northern Trust's planning application was overthrown by the Secretary of State Eric Pickles, many local residents made generous contributions to the IGVRA 'fighting fund.' The money was used primarily to secure expert professional support in order to make a strong case at the Public Inquiry.

Now that the local community faces another, similar threat from Northern Trust, we may again need to enlist expert help in rebutting and refuting any claims that the developer (or its PR and marketing agencies) might seek to make. As a voluntary organisation, IGVRA relies on local residents to help raise the funds necessary for defending our open green spaces effectively and consistently.

IGVRA understands that people’s finances may be stretched in the current economic climate. Nevertheless, we ask that residents consider the potential costs of the threatened development – not only in terms of the immediate impact of a large construction project and all that would entail for our community, but also the loss of a valuable green space that contributes enormously to the quality of all our lives.

How do we do it?

As a committee, we are pleased to receive donations of any value and will gratefully accept anything that a household can afford. We don't wish to alienate anyone as we are all in this together, no matter what our financial means.

We also organise occasional fund raising events and activities, details of which you can find on the Ingol Golf Village news page.

In the interests of safety and fraud prevention, we will NOT carry out door to door cash collections so please turn away anyone who claims to be doing so. However, IGVRA is happy to take cheques. We have set up a bank account and cheques can be made payable to IGVRA.

If any of you have any novel fundraising ideas or can offer support in any way, the committee will be very happy to hear from you.