About the Association

The Ingol Golf Village Residents Association was formed on 18th February 2010 at a public meeting attended by around 400 members of the local community.

The meeting was called amid concerns about the future of Ingol Golf Course and the fear that the site could lose its status as a protected green space - thus becoming a target for commercial development. There was clear agreement that any such development was unacceptable to local residents and that it must be opposed by us all.

Residents therefore voted to form an association to provide a strong, collective voice, resisting any change in the status of the land and opposing any development on any part of the site.

A committee was elected at the meeting and details of the members can be found on our Downloads page, together with the Association's objectives and constitution.

Since then, the committee has worked hard to help safeguard the golf course against the threat of development. Residents secured an important victory in October 2011, when Northern Trust's plans were rejected by the Secretary of State, following similar rejections from Preston City Council and the Planning Inspector. However, the threat has been recurrent, and the committee continues in its efforts to make the voice of the community heard at every level.

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